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  Exhibition coming Up at Galerie PhotoPlace, Vermont  

Capturing the Light selections are announced

The entire "Capturing the Light" collection contains 35 photographs. The exhibition will run from July 14 to August 11, 2023 at Galerie PhotoPlace, Middlebury, Vermont, USA. More details here ...

Who Let ’em In?  by Arold Blanchet / Capturing the Light Collection 

The selections for the Portfolio 2023 Competition have been announced

My entry has been selected for a Merit Award. Several of my images are published as a 2-page spread in the Special Issue n°161 of the American magazine Black & White. More details here ...

My recent work under license at Arcangel Images

Photographer Robert Capa once said, "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough". "Strong Focal Point" is what I tell myself when it's time to produce images for the book cover.

Personal Work

2012 - As an elusive presence ...

Get in touch with the spirit of the place, experience that special feeling of déjà vu. Moving through space with a sense of presence... elusive. 

Personal Work

2012 - Quebec’s Maple Spring

In the spring of 2012, Montreal is the nerve center of the student struggle against rising tuition fees. 185,000 Quebec students strike and demonstrate in the streets of the metropolis. This images, shot in May 2012, bears witness to this mobilization. 

Personal Work

1984 - Manhattan round-trip

Setting off on a photo shoot at the age of 21, to explore Manhattan for 2 days. Equipped with a Canon AT-1 and 3 rolls of  36 exposures film, I wandered Fifth Avenue, Soho and Greenwich Village. 

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